• DSC 6940

    A Very Special Vehicle

    When Jim Marsden bought a 90 SV, little did he know that one day he would get into trouble with purists for using such a rare Defender in winch challenges. But even when he was driving it to a string of successes at the highest level of the sport, there...

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  • 14007 139

    50 Shades of Land Rover

    Aside from the 80” itself, there’s nothing like the 107” Station Wagon for making Land Rover fans come over all nostalgic. Rare, beautiful and hugely desirable among collectors and restorers, it’s special even by normal Series I standards.

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  • LRM shoot 1

    G-Wac: Preserving the first Discos

    When the first Discovery was launched in 1989, a group of 86 vehicles with G-WAC number
plates flew the flag for a model that was to turn Land Rover’s fortunes around. Today, with the 3dr getting as rare as the 2dr Range Rover and just 19 G-WACs left, the original Discovery...

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  • 14008 62

    Blossoming Late In Life...

    The Series IIB isn’t known 
for its looks. But Land 
Rover’s original 110-inch work truck has a 
functional elegance we can all admire – especially when it’s being modified and restored into a shining example of an everyday classic

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  • 048
  • 10089 86

    Disco 4 Towing: High Tech or Old School?

    There’s no such thing as a Discovery that’s bad at towing. But the latest
models go about the job armed with an arsenal of high-tech gadgets designed to make them even better. Is that what it takes now to keep the Disco at the head of its class?

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  • 14003 11

    Salt Of The Earth

    This 88” Series III has lived its life amid the sea spray of the Western Isles. But you’d never know that to look at it – because it’s fresh out of a ground-up restoration.

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  • DSC 3866

    A Chip Off The Old Block

    Paul Bramley has been 
spannering since before he 
went to school. No surprise, 
then, that when he turned 
his mind to building a 100” 
special, the results looked 
like something out of a factory. 
And when he tells you about the build buddy who helped make it 
happen, it’s even...

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  • Freelander

    Freelander 1: Is It Really That Bad?

    The Mk1 Freelander was a massive sales success, but these days there are plenty of people willing to cane it for its reliability. There’s plenty to fear from Land Rover’s original soft-roader – but if you understand what it’s all about, it might not be such a bad idea after all.

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  • 14001 12

    Restored with love: off-roaded with passion

    Last time we saw a back-to-original 1970 Range Rover, it was on sale for almost fifty grand.  If anything, this one is even more desirable - not least because its owner would never let it go

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  • DSC 7222 01

    Life's Great Adventure

    Three years ago, Toby Barnes-Taylor was getting ready for early retirement after serving nineteen years in the armed forces. A few months before returning to civvy street he bumped into his old friend Woody.

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  • 14002 6

    A Classic - and then some!

    Churchill 4x4 has just finished restoring this 1961 Series II.  It's every inch a classic, but it's far from standard.

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  • DSC 3093

    Building a better bobtail

    Sean Robb didn’t just want to bobtail his Range Rover. He’d seen a lot of rough ones – now he wanted to do it properly

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